How to Create Brand Videos Amidst COVID-19 – Our Guide

Man working from home during the coronavirus pandemic

This article will take you through three simple steps to produce compelling video content that you can launch for your next advertising campaign.
Take this as a starting point to give your business a fighting chance to thrive despite all the economic hurdles brought about by the pandemic.
Many customers and businesses are still adjusting to the significant changes brought about by COVID-19.

How the Global Pandemic Is Affecting Video Consumption

Post Pandemic Greeting

Since March, when the world essentially ground to a halt because of the global pandemic, one of the key challenges has been boredom. The intense, long bout with boredom has shifted the way we interact with media elements daily.
As you may have observed over the years, videos can resonate well with people because they are compelling and easily digestible for public consumption. In this article, we will share what you need to know about the impact of video marketing on your business and why it’s an investment worth making.

How to start your video production company

  Identify your recording space. Before you start recording, pick a place you find comfortable, convenient, quiet and accessible. Give yourself more space than you think you need, as you may acquire new equipment down the road. If your recording studio is in your home or at work, try to use interior rooms that are […]

Info Overload and What That Means for Video Marketers

Online videos are always going to be more concise than written messaging because they can convey information on more levels simultaneously than a written message can. Of course, there are bad videos just like there is bad writing. But a well-executed video can provide much more info in a shorter time. AND, a range of […]