3 Creative Methods Entrepreneurs Use in Video Production

Developing business online

It seems as if live video is continually becoming a common way for brands to interact with brands. It’s a natural progression following the trend of video content garnering higher views than other forms of traditional media. Companies leverage live video for numerous purposes, like increasing community engagement or developing greater online visibility. If you’re an aspiring business owner or entrepreneur, investing in production should be one of your top priorities.

4 Tips for Creating High-Quality Video Marketing Ads

With the new year still young, you must aim to create quality marketing video content. Having a robust video marketing strategy ensures plenty of customers will come to your doorstep, whether digital or physical. When this year draws to its end, you might just see your company survive and thrive.

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3 Pre-Production Tips for Crafting a Great Corporate Video

corporate interview

Corporate videos have become an increasingly helpful tool in the business world. While they have been used by companies for decades, they have evolved and come a long way over the years. On top of that, their uses and applications in these digital times are ever-expanding.

Lemonade films : Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day 2017… A big shout out to Ted Herman and Lemonade Films Inc.. as we remember the wonderful project he invited us to join with he and Spring Advertising. It was a shoot full of love and care, and for such an important cause.

How to start your video production company

  Identify your recording space. Before you start recording, pick a place you find comfortable, convenient, quiet and accessible. Give yourself more space than you think you need, as you may acquire new equipment down the road. If your recording studio is in your home or at work, try to use interior rooms that are […]