About Us

About Backlot Media

Backlot Media is a Vancouver video production company providing website video production, video marketing and advertising creative services to growing BC businesses. We sport a roster of creative talent that includes writers, directors, videographers, editors, animators, photographers and producers. Collectively we enjoy over 75 years of experience creating marketing and advertising for clients in Vancouver and indeed all over North America. Our team will expand or shrink according to your needs and budget, so you are never wasting expenses on things you don’t need for your campaign to be successful.

Video is only effective when it is marketed properly.

Any Vancouver videographer can show up and shoot something for you. But if you want your project to bring the very best results (and returns) possible, then you have to employ true expertise and insight. We believe that a video project doesn’t end with delivery of the final edit. It STARTS with delivery. And it continues with the successful management of your new videos through strategic marketing and advertising channels. Backlot not only shoots video, we provide a variety of creative and marketing services to help make video a successful medium for your message.

Our Videography & Creative Services

Our offerings and experience include:

  • videographers for any situation, in Vancouver and across Canada
  • website video content
  • TV and online advertising spots and campaigns
  • marketing videos
  • how-to videos
  • training and corporate presentations
  • graphic and Camtasia presentations
  • cinema advertising
  • scribbles

After the project is complete, we provide management for:

  • mass media placement
  • Google+ and social media campaigns
  • YouTube marketing and other content strategies
  • video SEO

Backlot Media is your local partner to help you create new business in Vancouver and beyond.

Our Expertise

Backlot creates and produces video and content marketing creative for websites, TV, radio and print advertising. We operate on a ‘salon’ principle, engaging the membership of “A-list” Directors, DP’s, editors and graphic artists and designers from around the world. This keeps costs minimized and allows Backlot to provide world-class online, social and broadcast video marketing production values to all forms of media it produces, on any size of budget, for its clients.

John Durrant, Executive Producer

As one of the founders of the Backlot Media Team, John brings his 20 years of intensive experience in broadcast video and advertising production into play with what can only be described as a pioneering vision. Clients, no matter how small their budget, need to be seen in their best light. Their message needs to be crafted to the highest international standard. Backlot delivers this absolute quality by remaining sleek, simple and creative.

John prides himself on Backlot’s guiding principle.
We take away all your pain, and help you win new business. And we make it affordable.

John Durrant

Our History

Backlot began in 2006, combining the talents of seasoned film and advertising professionals with the new blood of digital specialists, to provide a platform for affordable web and tv video production. In the early years of New Media, content was often produced by a videography company without a solid background in advertising.

We began on a single premise: Top talent doesn’t need to kill your budget.

We are a new kind of web and TV videography company. Because we can put the same experience into cost-effective work for a local retailer like Nufloors or Maynards, or for a national advertiser like Spinmaster or Nissan.

When web video really started to take off in 2009, Backlot was already creating opportunities for new clients that assured the highest quality video marketing and advertising possible, and which was within the budgets they needed.

And that is where we still put our pride today. We are far more than a local videography company. We will drive video campaigns for the Vancouver market that stretch themselves into international exposure, because that is the market scale we are used to impacting and impressing!

Backlot Media

170-422 Richards Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4
Telephone: 604-916-1748
Email: info@backlot.ca